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  Our factory was established in the year 1968 and we have a very good experience in Pumpset manufacturingOur product is sold under the brand name Challenger which has earned a very good name in the market and is well known for its quality and workmanship. Having completed more than 46 years of manufacturing activity, we have won lakhs of people’s heart who feel very much satisfied with the quality and performance of our pumpset. It was all made possible due to the sincere and hardwork of our highly experienced and skilled marketing, technical and service teams. We have our own R & D activity and we design pumpset according to different field conditions. It is our policy that quality defined as customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Customer satisfaction requires that ourproduct are well designed, technically complete, professionally manufactured, reasonably priced, delivered on schedule, checked as per acceptable conditions and services in a way which is more than the needs of the customers satisfaction.
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